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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Investing Tips To Safeguard Your Money

Safeguarding your money, it makes sense, everyone works hard to make money, so one does not want to lose the money!

Our input in this field is to assist in helping you with your investing tips to safeguard your money

So where do we start, one good place is money forums and finance forums there in the threads will be an array of scammers, page after page, but you will also see threads and posts saying that 'finance company Y is genuine' and that 'finance company X pays on time' etc etc

You will need to sift through the comments and confirm and verify any such comments, it will take time, time is money, and rest assured time spent on this process is money well spent!

Investing tips to safeguard your money, are a must have, no information on an investment company, quite simply means no investment!

We have spent and are continually spending time on financial research and investment breaking news they are being revealed all most daily, take the news today as an example Barack Obama excoriates Goldman Sachs, Australia website quote : MELBOURNE Storm's two most senior executives could face up to five years in jail and fines of $200,000 under companies law if, after investigation, they are charged and convicted over their actions in the club's multimillion-dollar cheating scandal. Bank Negara scam, Lehman's demise under review reveals a complex story of fraud - and on and on it goes

Whether it is Bernie Madoff or Goldman Sachs - Allen Stanford or Lehman Brothers you just never know they are everywhere, a few years ago it was Enron then up popped Dennis Kozlowski CEO of Tyco International, he siphoned off all the company money into his own personal bank accounts and was prosecuted and was sentenced to 25 years in the 'Big House' federal prison!

But in nearly all these example cases when the money is stolen 99 times out of 100 the police are not going to be able to seize it back

Investing needs means investing tips to safeguard your money!

Word of warning, be vigilant, be wary, be prepared and above all else be defensive and guarded when investing do not let a bogus financial company 'Throw you and your money under the bus'

You have been warned be careful with your money!

Take care of your money, and your money will take care of you!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Talk About Investing Tips

Talk About Investing Tips

I was surfing around the web recently looking for information on investing and how/where to invest money. What a minefield everyone and anybody is out there marketing and promoting the only folks missing were Bernie Madoff and Allen Stanford, the reason they are missing is because they are in prison for stealing all the money from the accounts of their investment clients

So let us talk about investing tips, we have accessed several hundred investment options and the mind gets fried by all the 'best investment' 'invest with company x your money will be as safe as houses' 'invest with Goldman Sachs'

Sure invest with Goldman Sachs sounds about right just as they are under investigation by the SEC - US Securities and Exchange Commission who have plundered the accounts of Goldman and have unearthed a scam where Goldman Sachs scammed investors out of a Billion US dollars

It is difficult enough just keeping your money safe, without sending it to a blue chip investment house to then find out when it is too late, that they have either gambled away your investment on some bond or derivative that has no value, or even more upfront they simply withdrew your money from your account and shifted the money into one of their own accounts or pockets

Talk about investing tips and investing needs we reference investing tips online

The facts are clear!

Who and where can you be safe and secure when we talk about investing tips, one of the safest investment options are guaranteed referrals, meaning that you can confirm from an independent source that the investment company is 100 per cent genuine and your investment is secure, transparent and accessible at any time if you need to access and withdraw some of your money from your deposit account

Before investing execute a number of 'checks and balances
Background profile checks
Inspect trading accounts
Effect a number of due diligence processes
Obtain references
Peruse and inspect payout processes
Check whether your investment is insured against loss in the event of force majeure et al

When you talk about investing tips, never make an investment until you have checked and verified all the neccessary due diligence processes

When you are not in a 'comfort zone' then never invest until your mind is made up and you have the guarantees that your investment will be safe and secure

Remember never invest until you can confirm a ROI Return On Investment

Monday, April 5, 2010

Your Investment is Your Lifeblood

Let us focus specifically on your investment needs

What is needed is a solid guaranteed return on your portfolio

You have 100USD to invest the return is net 105 USD for a One Year investment term

You have realized a profit of Five Per Cent

This is not speculating this is rock solid returns that meet your investment needs

In these days of deep recession be cautious and do not speculate – unless you are prepared to lose

I prefer to be cautious as I cannot afford to lose my One Hundred US Dollars

However my investment needs have been met in making Five US Dollars profit

I am very happy, I did not embrace any risk factors, I selected the fixed guaranteed 5 per cent return option

I can sleep at night investing this way, and also my investment needs have been fulfilled

I am now ready to consider my next investment opportunity!