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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Secrets of there really any?

There is a dabatable issue on whether the market has secrets or not.Now lets discuss a variety of points before we talk about the truth to the secrets for the market. The capable market place theory assumes that all data of a market filters to all of its players that are participating and therefore they can take individual decision to purchase or sell a security after having full knowledge of market info. But in realism that it is not achievable for every one to recognize everything. If we take the example of a company, even the Chairman won't be able to claim that he knows everything that is to be known about the company. In such a case, how is it achievable that a average buyer or sellers would be knowing everything! So it can be states that there is much greater data that is actually open in the market than acessed by the average investors.

Sinve we are refering to secrets of the stock market we can say that investors with more knowledge of the history of the market will have a bigger and better advantage over people that dont have these.. Elements like government debt degrees, GDP maturation, tendencies of consumerism, rising prices may have a very big influence on the country's economic system and thereby on the stock index. Any secret that an regular investor might have, so can a begginning investor have as long as they are willing to learn.
Names from banks related to loan defaults, mortgage contributing, house prices and credit card borrowing might supply you a glance of the recent consumer tendencies and spending habits which in turn has a very big and important shock on the stock market index. And a good feel at the world oil markets along with its influence on the commodity markets might give you an idea about rising prices Figures. In other words, a clear overview of the country's economic scenario might reveal a lot of stock market secrets for you.

Many people may say they have secrets that will make your life in the stock market very easy. Dont always believe them, for they may be lying and just wants to take money from you. It is a very good idea to try and find the secrets by yourself or prove if the secret us right.



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