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Thursday, March 11, 2010

My bad investment in rice and lumber....

Rice and wood too requires a lot space, time, money and exertion. Aside from being the number 1 preferred of rats and ants, the superior of rice easily degenerates if it is revealed, even more if it was wet.

Every pound of rice, you get around $0.15 , but Same wood, it doesn't get your money's worth. You too get to meet problems in the shiping process because of paying many laborurs to get the hundreds of sacks from the boat to the truck to be distributed. Similar what I've shared on the lumber business, you can't besides compete with big businessmen as they buy in volumes for their warehouses. And some outlets that you have already contacted would negotiate for terms which would slow down your next shipment if you only have just enough capital for the business. You may ask when we get into it? It is better to quit if you know that this isnt going to work and cut with your losses.

This was my experience with rice marketing and it is not a good investment to make. Make your choices wisely in what you invest in.besides if you fail it doesnt mean you are not good at it, every since i got through this mess i have had great sucess and you will as well.


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