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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How to catch an investment.

Many investment secrets had distinguishable similarities:

1. For sures-Without a doubt - As to my previous encounters, the only investments that has guarantees are insurance policies. If you are offered guarentees, it's not worth anything. If you lose your money in the investment, the personal guarantee is only as great as the amount of money the person issuing the guarantee (They wouldnt need your if they had it for a guarentees?

2.Records...? - All investment plan should have returns that can be verified by a good third party, such as an accountent or lawyer. Moreover, the rules of the program should have fully verified backgrounds with a proven record of successful previous investment programs. Also, all start-up could have a logical product and a complete business plan replete with good financials and marketing programs. If there isnt any track record, forget it.

Investment is not a way to think that you will get wealthy freely and easily. The way to wealth is through smart investing in self ability and production and being smart enough to not spend everything you make. If you are a victim in a investment failure you may have a setback in the quality of life tha you had. Just don't play that game. Learn the way money works and in time you will join it.


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