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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Investing on what?

Investing is much a broad phrase. For virtually people investing implies money put up to or try investing on something in the future. . Either someone that isnt very smart or the smartest person alive, investing would include much time in your life intill you understand it fully.

Surprisingly, on the negative side, scavengers invest their time roaming wastefully, doing nothing, trying to feed themselves on whatever they can hold on, be it taken from trash, be it edible or not. While thieves and kidnappers invest their time maneuvering and planning for their next unfortunate victim, drug addicts invest their time to find ways and means to satisfy their cravings for more injectibles or tablets to bring them to "cloud nine " whether it be given freely, stolen or honestly paid for.

You dont need to be rich or really smart to do things like investing. Investing is something that everyone can do. Investing your life for someone or for no one else but yourself. For a good cause or for a lost cause. For an honorable cause or for a crazy cause. Anything, any reason.This brings up the question "Investing what?"


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